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Spring 2023 - Course - Objectives and Assessments - 3WKA is a Course

Spring 2023 - Course - Objectives and Assessments - 3WKA



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Objectives and Assessments is an online professional development course designed to help instructors learn how to build assessments that measure the achievement of objectives. In this course, participants will learn about objective alignment and explore the similarities and differences between course objectives and module objectives. 

Participants in this course will watch videos, use Canvas documentation, complete activities, and participate in discussions.

Target AudienceThis course is intended for instructors in a Community College environment. The techniques and tools in Objectives and Assessments will be used in all of your online courses. The course will also be beneficial for anyone who will be creating a course, for example, course instructors as well as instructional designers.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between course-level and module-level objectives. 
  • Utilize course-level and module-level objectives in appropriate places in an online course. 
  • Construct measurable module-level objectives that are aligned to course-level objectives. 
  • Deliver assessments that are aligned to the objectives of the course. 


      Christine Davis


This course is being taught by Christine Davis, the Instructional Design Coordinator at Pearl River Community College.

Christine earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education from Mississippi College and Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership from Asbury University.  She is passionate about bringing engagement and meaning to the online environment that mirrors that of the traditional classroom.  Outside of work, Christine enjoys spending time with her husband and two small children.  Cooking, reading books, taking walks, playing in the mud, and looking for bugs are regular occurrences in the Davis household.

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