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Spring 2023 - Course - Growing with Canvas - 4WKB is a Course

Spring 2023 - Course - Growing with Canvas - 4WKB

Jan 9, 2023 - Feb 4, 2023


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Growing with Canvas is an online professional development course designed to help teachers learn how to use Canvas effectively in brick and mortar classrooms AND online learning environments. The course uses a combination of the Canvas Video Guides and Canvas Guides to teach the content. The course progresses through 4 modules that cover the following topics: navigating Canvas, Canvas communication tools, customizing your course, designing your course, creating content and assessments, using SpeedGrader, and copying your course. Participants in the course will try out a number of the concepts through the practice activities. NOTE: Participants will be required to build a sandbox course.

Target Audience: New Online or Hybrid Instructors, Face-to-Face Instructors wanting to utilize Canvas in their class, anyone wanting to learn more about Canvas

Individuals who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion from the Mississippi Virtual Community College via the MSVCC Academy Catalog.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate Canvas
  • Customize Your Canvas Profile
  • Adjust Notification Settings
  • Understand Communication Tools in Canvas
  • Create and Set a Canvas Home Page
  • Create a Module and Add Content
  • Create Various Activities and Assessments in Canvas
  • Understand How Groups and Collaborations Can Be Used
  • Utilize SpeedGrader


Jennifer Leimer

      Jennifer Leimer


This course is being taught by Jennifer Leimer. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in 1993, Jennifer Leimer traveled around the US conducting seminars for the Postal Exam Preparation Center. She continued conducting the seminars while teaching at Moss Point Vocational Center. After a year and a half at Moss Point, she took a job at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College as a Business and Office Technology instructor. She received her Master's degree in 1996. In 1999, Mrs. Leimer participated in an NSF grant for Advanced Network Technology Education and began teaching Computer Networking. In 2003, she transferred to MGCCC's eLearning where she was an eLearning Coordinator then promoted to Director.

Over the years, Mrs. Leimer has served multiple roles for the Mississippi Business Education Board the Mississippi eLearning Association. In addition, she has served as an MSVCC Academy course developer and facilitator since 2007. She enjoys teaching and learning and takes every opportunity to enhance her skills as a trainer so that she can provide the most current and relevant training.

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