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Course Page Construction Accessibility Basics Course Card with Construction Hat and Wood Background Fall 2020 - Webinar - Course Page Construction: Accessibility Basics - 1HRA is a Course

Fall 2020 - Webinar - Course Page Construction: Accessibility Basics - 1HRA

Started Sep 24, 2020


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Each MSVCC Academy Webinar will utilize a supplemental Canvas course that will be used by the participant to access overview, support, and content (including the Zoom link to join the webinar). Participants may elect to access the supplemental course prior to the date of the webinar in order to review related materials. To receive a certificate of completion and credit for attending the webinar, please know that you MUST complete all of the requirements of the course (including the quiz at the end). Instructions for accessing the supplemental course prior to the date of the webinar can be found here:   


This webinar is designed to demonstrate how to develop structured course page content that is accessible for all users. Accessibility determines how and if users receive content that is created. This webinar will cover imperative accessibility features like alternative text, color contrast, closed captions, and video transcripts. A live demonstration will be included.


Session Date: October 20, 2020, from 11:00, am to 12:00 pm


Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:


  • Utilize the Canvas Accessibility Checker
  • Develop Alternative Text for visual aids
  • Create Closed Captions for Canvas Studio videos



Arianna Stokes

Arianna Stokes


This webinar is being taught by Dr. Arianna Stokes, the Professional Development Specialist for the Division of eLearning and Instructional Technology at the Mississippi Community College Board. Arianna focuses her efforts on instructional technology, free digital resources, and content accessibility, assisting the MCCB and community colleges through experimental techniques, innovative learning activities, and the pursuance of data-driven decisions to inform Best Practices. Dr. Stokes holds a Ph.D. in Urban Higher Education from Jackson State University and a Master of Education in Educational Technology from Belhaven University.


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